Crazy Time Bonus Games

The Crazy Time big bonus today is one of the reasons why Evolution Gaming's Crazy Time video game is so well-liked right now. For instance, many individuals find the design's simplicity appealing, and the colourful wheel of fortune has a flamboyant appearance.

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Additionally, Crazy Time is frequently used with betting tactics to increase player profitability. Users with limited playing expertise can immediately succeed using either the Martingale or the Low-Volatility method alongside the Crazy Time bonus tracker. However, mainly because there are so many of them, the benefits that are offered in the Crazy Time bonus time really stand out. The four important ones to watch out for when you begin your adventure are listed below.

Crazy Time Big Bonus

According to the setting of the machine, Evolution Gaming has confirmed that a player will typically start a bonus round after every six-wheel spin. Therefore, it is clear that Evolution is making an effort to keep the game as lively as possible; bonuses and more bonuses are the best way to achieve that since the Crazy Time free bonuses are always available for gamers at both the official site and at the game app. So, let's examine the various bonus options available at the Crazy Time bonus game.

Pachinko Bonus Round

Pachinko is a game that is more commonly seen in Japanese Pachinko parlors, but Evolution has created an entertaining version that can be played on CrazyTime. When activated, the host ascends to the Pachinko game's top, where they are given random instructions for where to place the ball. This will then move lower in the game until it reaches a multiplier value or the word double, where it will stop.

Your bet will be increased by the multiplier value corresponding to the dropped cell. All multiplier numbers will be doubled if the ball lands in the double portion, and it will then be dropped once again. The maximum value of the multipliers is 10,000x, and multiple doubles may be given. If the winning total is low, Evolution Gaming will additionally offer a replay as part of the Pachinko bonus. New multipliers will be generated, and the bonus round will be played again if this happens.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

The Cash Hunt bonus on CrazyTime puts you right in the middle of the action, and the Evolution team carefully considered how to make this happen in order to boost player involvement in their live casino games. The game will go to the cash hunt screen, where 108 multipliers will be shown as soon as this bonus is activated. Then, these will be covered with symbols like stars and ducks after being shuffled.

To the exciting part right now! Now that you have a cannon, you can carefully choose which target you wish to shoot by moving it over each one as the game has you do. Your multiplier amount will be displayed whenever you press the mouse or mobile device trigger. The maximum multiplier available for this bonus is 500x your wager, which is actually not too bad, especially if you're entering it already on a multiplier from the wheel.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

The act of flipping a coin is something that all gamers can relate to; after a few defeats, we've all had to wash the pots or take walks to the store. The Coin Flip extra round, created by the Evolution team, is a considerably more entertaining variation of the game.

When this bonus is active, you will be sent to the coin flip machine where you will see a coin with a blue side and a red side. Two random multipliers are assigned to each colour above the machine, and then the coin is flipped. Regardless of whose side the coin falls on, your bet will be multiplied by that amount. This game's addition of the possibility of a rescue flip when the winning amount is very low is a good touch. The coin will then be flipped once more, and new multipliers will be added to the coins.

Bonus type Bonus Round Payout
Pachinko 10,000 x bonus  
Cash Hunt 500x bonus  
Coin Flip 15,000x bonus  
Crazy Time 20,000x bonus  

Crazy Time Bonus Round

The game's name has, of course, been reserved for the monster of all bonus rounds. Yes, you read it correctly, slot machine enthusiasts. The Crazy Time bonus round is where enormous prizes may be won, and starting the game in this section will be pure excitement for any player.

There are 64 spots on the virtual wheel in all, and they are all filled with multiplier values and doubles and triples. In this bonus round, your job is to decide what colour your flapper will be. You have the choice of three colours: green, blue, or yellow. If your flapper landed on a double or triple value, all multipliers will be increased by that amount and the wheel will be spun once again. If it stopped at a value that was not double or triple, you will be rewarded the value that it stopped at. The maximum value of the multipliers is 20,000x, and this will go on until every player has received a multiplier sum.

Are There Any Crazy Time Cheats Or Hacks?

Sadly, there aren't any Crazy Time cheats available if you're looking for them. No working hacks or cheats for Crazy Time can be found online, no matter how thoroughly you search. Therefore, you should go as quickly as you can if you see anyone claiming to have a cheat or a technique to completely defeat the wheel because I can assure you that it is a hoax.

Using the Crazy Time technique and calculator described and offered on this page will give you the highest chance of winning. Crazy Time is a casino game, so you won't necessarily win every time, but you can improve your odds if you play it correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much of a Chance Have You Got to Win at Crazy Time?

Depending on how much you spend and which area of the wheel you choose to wager on, you have a chance of winning in the Crazy Time game. The potential reward increases as wager size increases, but winning odds decrease. In order to increase your chances of winning at Crazy Time, it is best to place wagers on several different wheel segments.

How frequently will a bonus round in Crazy Time be activated?

Players normally start a bonus round every six-wheel spins, as per the machine settings from Evolution Gaming. This frequent bonus activation aims to keep players' gaming experiences interesting and exciting.

What steps does Evolution Gaming take to guarantee a thrilling game experience in Crazy Time?

To increase the thrill of the game, Evolution Gaming emphasises the value of bonuses. They try to keep the Crazy Time bonus game as exciting and dynamic as possible by including a variety of extra possibilities.