How to play casino game Crazy Time

Want to play a game show-like online casino game and have the chance to win great rewards? Play the Crazy Time game by Evolution Gaming. This same live dealer game will reward you with a tonne of insanely exciting moments and similarly crazy prizes. In this game of chance-based money wheels, one spin determines your luck. To assist you win more rewards, let's examine every Crazy Time winning tactic available in this article.

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Aspect Details
Game name Crazy Time
Provider Evolution
Strategies Yes
Bonuses Yes
Easy to play Yes

How to Play a Crazy Time Game?

How to play at Crazy Time Casino — it's not difficult to answer this question, you just need to log in to the official site or game app. Simply create a new account or sign in to an existing one. It's crucial to pick the casino operator you believe to be the most suited and trustworthy. Additionally, the casino must include Crazy Time slot machines.

It is not permitted to play Crazy Time without any funds in your account. If you don't play at casinos frequently, top off your account with the selected sum. Find the Crazy Time slot machine and open it if you have already created an account and added funds.

You can put bets if you watch a Crazy Time live stream from the studio. They may be used on eight different symbols. They are all displayed on a wheel; however, the sections with numbers are more frequent here. The two types of segments are regular and bonus. Account numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 are typically printed on them. The complete names of the rounds in the bonus games are Cash Hunt, Pachinko Coin Flip, and Crazy Time. Put the appropriate amount of money on just one option or all of them, as you please. Keep in mind the betting window and place all desired wagers on time.

When the bet period has passed, the croupier in the studio spins the wheel. The Top Slot panel, which has several multipliers, will move simultaneously. You will receive a multiplier for your stake if the wheel stops in one of the random bet spots you have selected. However, you should play one more round with unique rules and features if you have played a Crazy Time bonus game and it has won.

How to win Crazy Time Casino Games

By correctly predicting which space the wheel will occupy at the conclusion of the spin, players of Crazy Time can win prizes. With payments based on where your bet lands, you can wager on up to 8 different cells of the wheel.

Betting on the number "1" is the safest bet because it pays the smallest payout of 1:1 and has the highest frequency (21 appearances) on the wheel. The highest paying number payout bet is “10”, which only appears four times on the wheel and pays out 10:1.

That's not all either; at the conclusion of each spin, a reel above the wheel is turned to reveal one of the eight spots and a multiplier that is applied to all winning values. If a bonus game is included in the multiplier, the multiplier's value is added to any winnings that are made there.

The Unique Elements Of The Casino Game Crazy Time

In spite of the fact that Crazy Time initially appears to be a typical wheel live casino game, it actually contains a lot of intriguing peculiarities. Users are made to choose it by making it memorable for them. Interesting quirks exist in the Crazy Time interface itself:

  • During the course of the game, the chat is accessible. This means that other players and customer support are reachable through communication. You can look at other engaging casino slots if you are bored with the presenter and the random wheel. You won't miss the Crazy Time results/ for today because the game itself will be in a small window at the bottom. Lobby is the name of this component.
  • When the game is complete, go to the Crazy Time history section and look for your wagering information there to save yourself from having to manually record all of your winnings and Crazy Time results/. The game itself doesn't have to stop you from doing this. Even if you haven't yet placed any bets, access to this section is still available.
  • For certain winning segments, there are occasionally adjustments to the limits for various rates. The developer has set up a section called Limits and Payouts where you can obtain all the important information about this so that you won't discover it on several unreliable websites. In the Settings section, you can make manual adjustments to the visual and audio settings if you don't like them. Your enjoyment of the process will be maximised thanks to this function.

Tips and Strategies For CrazyTime Players

You should be familiar with a few tips and methods in addition to the strategies we've covered above to help you get the most out of this game of chance. After the enchanted Crazy Time wheel has spun, read this guide to find out how to take home the highest prize:

Set up several wagers

The greatest approach for Crazy Time is to place multiple wagers, which increases your likelihood of winning. Additionally, it increases the suspense in the game.

Make wagers on the bonus games without hesitation

You shouldn't be frightened to wager on bonus games, even when their chances of stopping on the flapper are lower than their chances of stopping on the numbers. The most entertaining moments in this game are provided by its bonus rounds, which also have the potential to award incredible payouts.

Examine various tactics

Remember to combine and contrast the tactics we have just discussed. It all comes down to personal preference—do you prefer playing with lower stakes for better rewards or vice versa?

The Martingale betting system is one more option you have. Following each loss, you double your stake, and following each win, you go back to your initial bet. Your losses could be reduced by doing this, and you might even break even.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do the Statistics Mean in the Game Interface?

During the game, Crazy Time statistics can be viewed. Additionally, it provides useful data that you may use to develop strategies and determine the frequency of wins.

Does the online game have a chat feature?

Yes, you can interact with other players during the game using the Crazy Time live chat feature. The designers made the decision to prevent you from experiencing loneliness while playing. As you play, you can converse with other players or ask the customer service team some questions.

What do numbers mean in the game?

You can see the numbers on some of the sectors of the Crazy Time wheel. They are all referred to as "game numbers". The user can bet on 1, 2, 5 or 10 and get payouts with corresponding multipliers.