The Crazy Time Online Game

Evolution built the live casino known as Crazy Time with a Dream Catcher-style money wheel that has 54 segments. There are four completely unique bonus rounds on the wheel in addition to other rewards. In 2020, the game was released. Crazy Time has unquestionably lived up to the attention it has received for being so distinctive throughout the last few years.

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With good ability and strategy, players can consistently make good money at the CrazyTime Official Site and Apps because the game offers a high return on investment (RTP). With the cool payments, players are always set to have a good day playing and winning games using the Crazy Time result stats.

Crazy Time is considered to be Evolution's most expensive live casino game, and it is simple to understand given that it has both a side studio for its primary "Crazy Time" bonus and a fun dedicated studio equipped with bonus machines. The wheel in Crazy Time is simply an improvement over the already amazing Monopoly Live game, but Crazy Time features four extra games in place of just one.

Crazy Time History

The developers of the renowned online Live Casino game Crazy Time were inspired by another game, Dream Catcher. The daily interaction between the studio and the players is improved by the hundreds of specialists working on Crazy Time, including developers, testers, PR experts, decorators, presenters, cameramen, and many more.

The goal was to produce a product that would grab consumers' interest even before they started the game. There was a high cost associated with this extravaganza. Due to the idea and live streaming, the assignment was technically challenging. But the outcome went above and above.

In Crazy Time, what bonus games are there?

Crazy Time, a live dealer game with four unique bonus rounds, as we've already discussed, has four bonus game offers. These bonuses are explained In the sections below,

Cash Hunt

108 random multipliers that are covered in symbols and randomized are included in this bonus game. Players in this shooting gallery set their targets as the countdown timer starts. The multiplier will not be revealed until after the cannon has fired where it was pointed. Players receive different multipliers as a result of this interactive bonus round.

Crazy Time

A big virtual money wheel is located within the red door that players enter after being triggered. Following that, players must decide whether they want a blue, green, or yellow flapper. As soon as the host presses the red button, the wheel is spun. Whatever multiplier you win—"DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE"—depends on where the flapper falls on the wheel. Up until the 20,000x maximum multiplier is reached, the wheel can be spun again.

Coin Flip

Simply flipping a coin will determine what the multiplier won in this bonus game. The coin has a red reverse and a blue front. Each hue will produce its own multiplier before the coin is flipped. Thus, the value of the multiplier that can be applied to the bet is known in advance.


The bonus game is played on a huge Pachinko wall with several pegs. The multiplier won depends on where the puck lands after being dropped by the host. As an illustration, all multipliers located at the bottom of the wall will be doubled if the puck lands on the word "DOUBLE". The puck will then be released once more. Up to a multiplier of 10,000x can be won at any time during this process.

How to Play Crazy Time Live

Crazy Time Live is simple to use and enjoyable to play, making it suitable for both novice and seasoned gamers. An outline of the procedure is provided below:

Step Instructions
✅ Step 1 To play Crazy Time Live, locate a trustworthy online casino. Make sure the casino is authorized and governed to ensure a secure and honest gaming environment.
✅ Step 2 If you haven't already, sign up for a player account at the preferred online casino. To enjoy nonstop gameplay, fill out the required information and confirm your account.
✅ Step 3 Deposit money into your gaming account. A lot of online casinos provide alluring welcome bonuses that might increase your starting bankroll and improve your gaming experience.
✅ Step 4 In the casino's game lobby, look for the Crazy Time Live machine. When you do, click it to start the game.
✅ Step 5 Before putting your bets, familiarize yourself with the betting options and game rules. Within the game UI itself, you can get details about the paytable and rules. Crazy Time stats will be a betting aide.
✅ Step 6 Choose the appropriate bet amount and the wheel segment(s) you think will produce the winning outcome before placing your wager. Numerous wagering possibilities are available, including numbers, features, and bonus rounds.
✅ Step 7 After you've placed your bets, the fun can start! As the host spins the wheel, observe and guess the result. Crazy Time score may vary from player to player, the multipliers are directly related to the selected cells.
✅ Step 8 Congratulations if the segment you choose is where the wheel lands! Depending on the corresponding payout, you win. If not, you can attempt your luck once more in the following round.

Why Is Crazy Time Live So Well-Known?

Since it stands out for a number of reasons, Crazy Time Live has become quite popular among gamers of online casinos. Here are a few reasons why CrazyTime is well-known:

  • Massive earn Potential: Crazy Time Live gives players the possibility to earn significant sums of money through a variety of bonus rounds and multipliers. The likelihood of significant winnings enhances the attractiveness of the game.
  • Innovative Features: The creator of Crazy Time Live, Evolution Gaming, is renowned for breaking down barriers and offering novel features. A special blend of a casino game and game show, this game is no exception.
  • Social Interaction: Crazy Time Live has a live chat function that lets players communicate with the host and other players, establishing a feeling of community and improving the overall gaming experience.
  • Interactivity and Entertainment: The game's live format, engaging hosts, and immersive studio backdrop create an entertaining and interactive environment that mimics the fervour of a genuine casino.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Crazy Time Live's ever-changing bonus rounds, unpredictability, and quick wheel spins keep players interested and amused throughout their gaming session.

With Crazy Time Live, the suspense and excitement of a casino are delivered to your television. Crazy Time Live's unique concept, stunning graphics, and potential for big payouts make it easy to understand why it has become so well-known in the online gaming sector. So, if you're ready to embark on a thrilling adventure and test your luck, start playing Crazy Time Live today at a reliable online casino for fun and cash.

Crazy Time Payment Methods

One of the most crucial factors to take into account when picking a Crazy Time online casino is the hassle-free deposit and withdrawal process. Bank cards, digital wallets, and payment systems are just a few of the methods for depositing and withdrawing money that Crazy Time offers. The player should visit the primary casino portal and register for an account by completing the form with the correct information before making any financial transactions.

The Crazy Time online withdrawal or deposit method has its own set of restrictions regarding the maximum deposit amount and time. After authorisation in the casino, the player will be able to create a deposit request in the personal cabinet and proceed to the game with bets.

Crazy Time App for mobile devices

The Crazy Time app is free to download for PCs and devices running iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. The game can be downloaded from both the app shops built into the devices and from casino websites. The first method is the safest.

iPhone Applications

Visit the App Store to download the Crazy Time casino app for your iPhone or iPad. Once you have located the app you want, take the following actions:

  1. Visit the app page.
  2. Click "Download", then click "Install".

The App will be installed on your device following these modifications.

Android Applications

Follow the steps below to download the Crazy Time apk for Android after logging into Play Market:

  1. Search for the program using its name in the search field.
  2. Open the page of the desired application and install it.

If you want to download the casino app for Android, you may also utilize the QR code.

Advantages of playing with the app

There are a lot of benefits to downloading Crazy Time for mobile devices, including the following:

  • the convenience of playing on any device at any time;
  • the speedy loading of the slots; honesty, and integrity;
  • the opportunity to quickly deposit and withdraw winnings from your phone.

Applications are frequently compact and don't consume a lot of resources, even if they do need to be downloaded.

Crazy Time Tracker

Gamers may also utilize the live game tracking features to keep up with Crazy Time data, outcomes, and RTP. The largest wins that have occurred can be seen by looking at the spin history. The tracker will allow you to track the following statistics:

  • Latest Top Multipliers
  • Spin History
  • Biggest video Win
  • Watch Crazy Time Live
  • Top Slot Matched Wheel results/

Crazy Time Strategy Gamers should know

The majority of players tend to chase the bonus rounds since they offer the highest payouts, but a winning Crazy Time strategy will focus on the number of bets. The most frequent symbols on the wheel are the numerals. Additionally, they qualify for the top slots' multipliers, which increases their allure and increases the possibility of excellent wins.

The return bonus bets on a coin flip and Pachinko appear to be the lowest; Cash Hunt is mediocre; and Crazy Time is the best. CrazyTime, on the other hand, is a volatile game where players who like instant gratification can't make good money while playing without using a sound strategy. Players have the advantage of profiting from their bets when they play the game wisely.

The only approach to succeed or have a good day playing and winning at CrazyTime is to play it carefully and understand the odds and probabilities in each wheel segment. The best outcomes are obtained when wagers on bonus rounds are combined with wagers that result in minor gains.

What is the RTP for Crazy Time in Evolution?

Depending on which number you wager on, Crazy Time has a different RTP. This is because each number has a different number of locations on the wheel. Given the 21 positions, the RTP for position one, for instance, is the greatest, at 96.08%. Given that there is just one place available for the Crazy Time bonus game, the RTP drops to 94.41%.

What is Crazy Time's highest multiplier?

When playing Crazy Time, the highest multiplier possible is 20,000x. Simply play the Crazy Time bonus game to access this. Here, the wheel can be turned again and again until it reaches its maximum.

How the payout table for the Crazy Time Game operates

Players can get a decent indication of the prizes available via the Crazy Time pay table. For instance, the number 1, which has a 39% probability of being hit, can pay you up to 50 times your wager. The maximum payout for the number 10 choice, which has a 7% probability of being chosen, is 500x. The Crazy Time bonus game is the only way to receive the $100,000 maximum reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is Crazy Time?
Crazy Time is a gambling entertainment with TV show elements. The game is played live. The player has to bet on roulette cells and get generous prizes. All players who register at the casino can take part in this unique game show.
How can you win at Crazy Time?
Crazy Time can be won by making a winning wager on one of the eight available slots on the wheel and having the wheel land on that spot after it has been spun. You will be able to participate in the bonus game once it is initiated if you successfully wager on one of the four Bonus Game squares.
Can I play Crazy Time on my phone?
As Crazy Time is fully compatible with all mobile devices, you can play anytime. Join the game today from iOS and Android mobile devices.
Does Crazy Time have an autoplay setting?
Autoplay is indeed a possibility. After you have placed your bet, autoplay enables you to repeat it for a predetermined number of gaming rounds. You must set bets in the betting grid and select "Autoplay" to initiate the autoplay feature.